“  I intend to give spectators perspective, transcending time and space, raising awareness of who we are and the decisions we make not only as a society but as individuals. ” 

– Guadalupe Vilar

Hailing from Argentina, Guadalupe Vilar has swiftly emerged as a dynamic force within London’s vibrant art scene. Her remarkable journey, grounded in sustainability, began during the “London Craft Week” at the Argentinian Embassy. As a spatial artist and clothing designer, Vilar’s work transcends traditional boundaries, weaving together discarded materials and poignant narratives to create a profound artistic legacy.

From her initial embassy exhibition to collaborations with influential artist communities like “Greatorex Street,” Vilar’s work has sparked crucial conversations about the intersection of sustainability, fashion, and contemporary art.

Guided by Shahbaz Afridi, the owner of Afridi Gallery, Guadalupe’s art has found a unique home where ancient relics seamlessly coexist with her contemporary creations. The juxtaposition of her work alongside artifacts from the 4th century at Afridi Gallery signifies a harmonious blend of history and innovation.

In her decision to establish her studio in London, Vilar seeks to develop a series of materials that are 100% sustainable to merge with the discarded materials she already works with. Building upon these new materials, Guadalupe will be able to craft new spatial structures and garments in her new artistic atmosphere.

It’s fascinating how Guadalupe managed that transition from the body, creating garments, to space sculpting with discarded textiles. This aspect creates the sensation of the presence of an entity when one observes her work.



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